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Read less, know more

Save up to 49 minutes a day with context-aware summaries of news, articles, blog posts and more.

In this day and age, there is an abundance of information available, but little time to read it. 

Most of the time, we don't want to sift through a long article in order to find relevant information,
just because we're not interested in the topic.

Nutshell saves your time by filtering out the noise and isolating the most relevant information.

Discover Nutshell’s
different personality tones

Every personality has their own way of saying things!

Meet Dave

Detailed Summaries
Dave likes to play D&D, read all the terms and conditions of everything and if there’s time, the privacy policy as well.

Meet Grandma Billy

Short Summaries
Grandma Billy prefers short sentences. if it’s too lengthy, she will fall asleep.

Meet Erica

Summaries by Bullets
  • Erica doesn't have time for you.
  • She'll be quick
  • and short.
  • Ktnxbye

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